USS Mt Vernon WWI Photo Album Before After Torpedo

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USS Mt Vernon WWI Photo Album Before After Torpedo

110 Photos, Account of Attack by C. J. Blessing (Navy Surgeon), Address of Sec of the Navy Joseph Daniels to Crewmen

A photograph album compiled by a man who was on the U.S.S. Mt. Vernon when it was torpedoed by a German submarine, the U82, in 1918; the album documents the event. The Mt. Vernon was originally a German passenger liner, one of five in the Kronprinzessin Cecile series. Impounded in America in 1917, she was refitted as a U.S. troop ship, and was torpedoed when she was returning to America with a load of U.S. wounded. She limped into Brest, and was able to return to the seas in 1919 after repairs in Boston. According to her history, recounted on Mac & Doug’s World War History htm), 34 of her furnace room crew were killed in the attack (this coincides with information in the album). “Her last ocean crossing came in the fall of that year, when she was sent across the Pacific to Vladivostok to evacuate refugees and foreign troops trapped there after fleeing the Russian civil war.” The album was assembled by a C.J. Blessing, whose station billet is on the first page. The next page has a complete description of the incident written by a Navy Surgeon, E. E. Curtis (an extra copy of that report is loose in the album.) Following that is a copy of an address to the crewmen of the Mt. Vernon by Sec. of the Navy Joseph Daniels. Then there are a number of pages of pictures, the, first of which is one of the German warhead that struck the ship and was evidently recovered after the incident. Other. pictures show the damage to the ship, the wounded, men and officers of the ship, the interior of the ship, time ashore in France, returning to the U.S., etc.

Dimensions: 108 Photos, Account of Attack by C. J. Blessing (Navy Surgeon), Address of Sec of the Navy Joseph Daniels to Crewmen

Date: Early 1900s


Condition: The album is in very good condition, The photos are firmly attached to the pages; one photo is missing. Please see photos as they are an integral part of the condition report and ask any questions that you have about the item so that we can satisfy you.



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