1952 Photo of Vintage Camper in La Habra, California


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1952 Photo of Vintage Camper in La Habra, California

This is not an advertisement cut out of a magazine.  This is a mom and pop – their personal photo, in their golden years enjoying the spoils of their hard work!  

Crystal Clear, Original, Vintage photo, 10” X 8”  in the original frame, still sealed by the original framer.  Proud owners are photographed with their gleaming 1951 Buick Roadmaster and travel trailer, motor home on E. Central Avenue – as documented by street name on the curb in the photo.  Inscribed in ink,La Habra, California.” 

There is an emblem for the travel trailer manufacturer under the front window. I can not make it out.

I hung this photo in a niche in my kitchen for decades. I am selling it, but I am still dreaming of those trips to the Grand Canyon…

Dimensions: Frame 10” x 8”

Date: 1952

Condition: Please see photos as they are an integral part of the condition report and ask any questions that you have about the item so that we can satisfy you.

Maker: Framer: Florman’s Art Shop, Pueblo, CO

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