Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Penang, Shanghai, Hong Kong, India, Manila Photo Album 265 photos


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A family’s trip of a lifetime which includes Asia (Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, India), Northern Africa (Egypt), Middle East (Israel), Hawaii, England. The album dates to the early 1900s. Most of the photos are from the Middle East and most photos are labeled with typewritten labels, some are handwritten. The album begins on the ship named for President Martin Van Buren.

Israel Photo Album
Israel Photo Washing Wool near the fountain of the virgin.
Israel Photo Album
Temple Old City Shanghi
Israel Photo Album
The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx
Israel Photo Album
Housetop in Anata
Israel Photo Album
Courtyard scene in Anata
Israel Photo Album
Locked cistern close to the summer home of Joseph of Arimathea
Israel Photo Album
Hong Kong

The captions of the photos are: Shanghai, Shimonoseki Inland Sea,  Kobe, USS Van Buren, Expedition Members to New Guinea on Van Buren, Honolulu, Rubber Singapore, Sacred Monkeys, Temple Penang, Mosque Penang, Mouth of Hooghly (River), Pagoda Eden Gardens Calcutta, Victoria Memorial Calcutta, Old City Shanghai, Hong Kong, Victoria Park Hong Kong, Judson College Rangoon, Entrance to Shrine Dagon, From Bethsaida to Bethsaida Julias, Mouth of Jordan at North of Sea of Galilee, Drying nets at mouth of Jordan, Jacob’s wall from the top of Mt. Gerizim, Mt. Gerizim site of the sacrifice of Samaritan Passover and its roasting, Street in Nablus, The Valley of cursing from Mt. Gerizim, Ancient gateway of Samaria, St. of Columns Samaria, Nazareth, The grand staircase ancient Greek temple at Samaria, Fountain of the virgin Nazareth, Gibeon from en-Nebi Samwil, En-Nebi Samwill from the summer home of Joseph of Arimathea, Children of Anata, Road to Anata the birthplace of Jeremiah, Two views of the Oak of Abraham at the Russian Hospice, Children playing at the entrance of the Mosque of Machpelah, Hebron street scenes, Bethlehem, Road to Solomon’s Pools, Dead Sea, Jordan, Road to Jericho, Excavating at Absalom’s Tomb (completed in 1924), Spring of Gihon, En Rogel, Jerusalem, Tower of David Mt of Olives, Tower Pool of Gihon, The Pool of Solomon, Scenes on property of Augustinian Fathers, Candles & Paintings above Stone of Unction, Church of Holy Sepulchre, Dome of Rock from the Wall, From Mosque El Akba, War Cemetery Mt of Olives, Kidron Valley, Jerusalem from Tower of David, Aden, Suez Canal, Gergesa, Looking toward Capernaum from housetops of modern Gergesa, Place of the feeding of the 5000, Ruins of Synagogue in Capernaum, Tower at Magdala, Galilee, Statue of St Peter Franciscan Monastery, Tiberias from the Sea, Franciscan Monastery Tiberias, The Horns of Hattin, El Meshed Birthplace of Jonah, Shunem, El-Jim, The Sheikh of Gibbeon, Road descending to ei-Lubban, Enclosure containing the church in which is Jacob’s well, The Great Pyramid and the Sphinx, Street Scenes in Cairo, Gibraltar, Eddystone Lighthouse Plymouth, Eng. Gibraltar, Victoria Park Hong Kong, Manilla, Mt of Temptation, Fountain of Elisha

Dimensions: The pages are 10” x 7”. The photos are approximately 3 x 2.25.

Date: The album dates to before 1924 using the photo of the excavation of Absalom’s Tomb which was completed in 1924.

Origin: Colorado Estate

Condition: Pages are all unattached. Photos are attached on both sides of each page. Four photos identified as China are in bad condition. Three photos . Please see photos as they are an integral part of the condition report and ask any questions that you have about the item so that we can satisfy you.

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