Bayonet, Scabbard, Chassepot, Chatellerault, Yataghan: Sword French, Engraved


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French Bayonet, named “Chassepot “ Model 1866 for the rifle with the same name – Fusil modèle 1866 – with a Yataghan Blade, also utilized as a short sword. Inscribed on the edge, “Mre D’Armes De Chat Mai 1871” –  Manufacture of Arms Chatellerault,  May 1871.

The bayonet has abundant marks and serial numbers. The touch marks resemble coin silver touch marks of the same period.

We are in no way affiliated with the website Arms 2 Arms;  however, we are very grateful and relied heavily on the studious and generous collector – creator of Arms2Armor site.

After diligent searches of auction results and, for all appearances, knowledgeable internet dealers, I found this bayonet to be in a very enviable condition. I did not find one as original as this example.

For some idiotic reason, an individual waxed the scabbard- go figure. If this was a piece of furniture it would easily be reversed – but metal, please confer with an expert.

We purchased this piece from a private person this week.

This bayonet is brass-hilted with a spring steel latching arrangement on the right side. The crossguard is iron (steel) and has a screw-type tightening arrangement on the muzzle-ring. The lower quillon is a hooked “blade-breaker” type.

The blade is steel, single-edged, fullered (both sides), with a re-curved or “yataghan-shape.”

Marks on the base of the blade, right-hand side near the quillon are an “F” in a double oval. An “S” with a five-point star above stamped in an oval shape. Of the left-hand side “8”. On the guard or quillon “B 81577”. The scabbard does not appear to be marked. Inside the mortise slot “V” and “517”.

Dimensions: The bayonet has a 23″ blade with an overall length of 28″. T:

Date: 1871

Condition: Please see photos as they are an integral part of the condition report and ask any questions that you have about the item so that we can satisfy you.

Maker: Chatellerault

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