Why are you here?

Odd question isn’t it?

If you are a beginning or experienced collector looking for art, antiques, or collectibles use our site to figure out if we should get to know each other. We’ve been doing this for over 40 years and still work with some of the same customers we met when we just got started.

Why we are here…

We like to work with clients who appreciate the idea of a picker. A picker is someone who goes out and finds things. Great things are hard to find and take a lot of time, experience, tenacity, and above all a “good eye”. If you’ve worked with a picker you know a “good eye” is not something learned it’s something you are born with. When you find a good picker they are an advocate in your pursuit for great objects.

Staging Merchandise in Stock Photographs

This is a painting we put online to sell. So I found a photo with similar colors.

This was the original image from Better Homes & Gardens.
I replaced their art with mine using Photoshop. I had to guess on the scaling but I used the window as a general guide to scaling the painting.

I want to find photos that would appeal to collectors to stage our stuff. So I tried looking at the stock photos in Adobe. The ideal would be to have images that have scaling so when I put something in it the size is right.

File@ 322300721 on Stock.Adobe.com
This is an example I pulled off of Adobe Stock Images. There are tons of them, you can see a lot of examples just by this person mtlapcevic. I want to find photos that collectors would identify with., but I haven’t had much success. You’ll see frames in all the photos. The colors are all pretty neutral. There are so many of them I can’t believe he has access to all this furniture.

I dropped a couple of images of ours. These are just some real photo postcards. That I had handy. I was curious about how they would look blown up and framed so I picked a photo with two frames.

This is another piece of art we have to sell.

Tom Sayre, Aluminum 2 17 76 Yellow
Yellow Sculpture by Tom Sayre, Aluminum 2 17 76

I found a photo, but it’s more complicated.

So now I’ve found this software for rendering called Blender 3D. It’s free and opensource. It looks like what I need but it also looks pretty complicated and time consuming.

This is clipped from a video Blender Guru on YouTube. He has a website by the same name. BlenderGuru.com.

Changing the subject, here’s the cookie recipe with no butter. They are called Banana Everything Cookies. They were very sweet; next time I’ll use half a cup of sugar.