Staging Merchandise in Stock Photographs

This is a painting we put online to sell. So I found a photo with similar colors.

This was the original image from Better Homes & Gardens.
I replaced their art with mine using Photoshop. I had to guess on the scaling but I used the window as a general guide to scaling the painting.

I want to find photos that would appeal to collectors to stage our stuff. So I tried looking at the stock photos in Adobe. The ideal would be to have images that have scaling so when I put something in it the size is right.

File@ 322300721 on
This is an example I pulled off of Adobe Stock Images. There are tons of them, you can see a lot of examples just by this person mtlapcevic. I want to find photos that collectors would identify with., but I haven’t had much success. You’ll see frames in all the photos. The colors are all pretty neutral. There are so many of them I can’t believe he has access to all this furniture.

I dropped a couple of images of ours. These are just some real photo postcards. That I had handy. I was curious about how they would look blown up and framed so I picked a photo with two frames.

This is another piece of art we have to sell.

Tom Sayre, Aluminum 2 17 76 Yellow
Yellow Sculpture by Tom Sayre, Aluminum 2 17 76

I found a photo, but it’s more complicated.

So now I’ve found this software for rendering called Blender 3D. It’s free and opensource. It looks like what I need but it also looks pretty complicated and time consuming.

This is clipped from a video Blender Guru on YouTube. He has a website by the same name.

Changing the subject, here’s the cookie recipe with no butter. They are called Banana Everything Cookies. They were very sweet; next time I’ll use half a cup of sugar.